Endeavouring to create and maintain a blog

I guess the thing about having a blog is that you need to update it, to add to it. To adhere to this, I guess I need to take more photographs, write more about them and post it up here. And I guess I need to be consistent. I am not sure how easy this will be for me to do, but I will try. It won’t be a daily thing. I will be doing very well if it is a weekly thing. Time will tell. As my wife said – “you have two flickr accounts, an instagram account and now you are adding a blog!” Perhaps, I am crazy to take this on, but….

Yesterday I ventured out with both cameras (iPhone and D7000) into Cork city centre. I had an idea of what I wanted to shoot and how I wanted to shoot it. With the D7000 I wanted to get more shots of people blurred out as they walked past a blank wall; shots I would later process into two colours. With the iPhone I wanted to blur it all up. Post as I go to Instagram and later choose the ones I like and app those snaps us with Snapseed.
The best of plans, but did not work out as I wished. The first obstacle was the drizzle. It did not appear to be raining, but a blanket of drizzle had descended. The second hindrance was my reluctance to stay for too long in the one position to get a photograph. I do not like shooting in my hometown and as a result I hurry too much. Getting back and looking at the handful of shots I managed to get I am frustrated that I did not persevere and try to compose with more care.
Impatience! The next time.  Here are a selection of the instagram shots from yesterday. The DSLR shots will go up some time in the future.
photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 Third in line


4 responses to “Endeavouring to create and maintain a blog

  1. I have the same experience. You think you have enough but when you get back you realize you should have been more persistent. I think there is a sense of timing for pushing the shutter and another for truly realizing when you’ve exhausted a location. Both take time to develop. Keep at it Brendan. You’ll get the shots you want.

  2. This is a great start to your blog Brendan. I keep thinking I should start one up … and perhaps I will … at some point. As your wife said … “Now a blog?”

    I LOVE the name of your blog. I think blogging will suit you. You have a wonderful way with words and blogging is the easiest way to do that {from what I’ve seen}. I’ll put you on my watch list. By the way? These images are fantastic. I think you captured your City of Cork beautifully. Next time … soak up the drizzle {I didn’t say ‘suck it up!’ I’m being nice}!!!

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