A blur will save the world showcase

9 photographs from Blur will save the world. Thanks to all the great photographers who post there. These inspire so much.


From left to right – mugijo – MdKiStLeR – enrico vattani – serap günay – ac malloy – mugijo – imagejoe – alainpaul2012 – Nikita_70

These are other great images which would not go into the mosaic for some reason. These will delight also – click, click, click – xxfromneptune – ~mimo~ – mutablend (mostly off)

If you do not wish your photos to appear on this blog, I fully understand and will take it down immediately. Thanks to all.

Music to view the images to –


6 responses to “A blur will save the world showcase

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  2. Ah, I am so glad you liked it. it is very appreciated to be selected by a master photographer. Thank you very much Brendan!

    • by the way your blog is really intriguing. it is so pleasant to read your writings. sometimes i can not find any thing to say for your photos. Your creativity enchant me.
      im looking forward for your new entrys!
      Thank you very much again!

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