The best images of the week from Superosity

Hundreds of images are posted each week to Superosity. It is a hard job to choose the best; let’s just call them my favourites. There are so many other excellent images in the group pool – click on the youtube video below and get over to Superosity and treat yourself to some wonderful photography.


Thanks to the following photographers for sharing these great images. From left to right – AlpGeissler – skallx – Urban Muser – w_stairs – maktub77 – street dog – …arpi… – wjosna – peteskiphoto – CameraManCoe – Correy.Bratton – cecilyc123 – Delta9 Mikki – Rintaro_Wada

There is a marvelous video here from – Orlando Z. 

And here is some music to go with your week of Superosity –


10 responses to “The best images of the week from Superosity

  1. thanks so much for including my photo here! … yes I’m enjoying Tokyo a lot, still have a few more days here, though with work… went to Shibuya and met up with Michael which was great. … Arpita

  2. Thanks so much Brendan for including my photo! I appreciate it very much and feel so honored to be alongside such other amazing artists!!! Congratulations to all!!!

  3. Love the combination of images, music, words. The music I listen to often influences my photos, and images inspire my poetry – lately, cinquains. Thanks for shaing your vision!

  4. I decided to sit down with a cup of tea and browse through the group for a bit. Before I knew it, my tea was as cold as ice! But I was left with much inspiration.

    Thanks for creating this group!

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