Little beads of dew sparkling in the sunlight

A sunny morning here in Cork yesterday. Looking out my window I saw the little beads of dew sparkling in the sunlight. It looked beautiful. I grabbed the camera, switched lense to the 55 – 200mm, and stretched out on our drive, lying on my stomach I got a few photographs.
These are straight out of the camera. For once, I made no Lightroom adjustments.
Of course, in my haste to get out (and also to get back in before neighbours saw me lying on the ground) and take the shots I forgot to change the settings on the camera. But still I think the result is nice.





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5 Responses to Little beads of dew sparkling in the sunlight

  1. They are magical and delightful!
    I am so often lying on the ground here in Shanghai for photos, once a half hour waiting for the ants to move a piece of potato chips, that now I am known as the crazy foreigner who lies down on the ground :)

    • That got me smiling! I can relate to this so much, but I have to say I am not sure I would have your patience to stay on the ground for a half hour. Much admiration for your patience and dedication. I find it so hard to get back up off the ground that I think after a half hour I would have to eat those potato chips for sustenance. But sometimes you just have to get down to get ‘that’ shot. Have a good week, Mimo. I look forward to seeing your new work. Thanks!

  2. SOOC? Wow, amazing colours! I don’t have to lie on the ground – I put my camera on the ground and tilt up the LCD screen 90 degrees!

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