The best of Superosity on January 20

I find it amazing to see how this group has grown to now having 2,527 members. That is the population of a big village. A village diversely populated. I would love to do a demographic breakdown of the members sometime. It’s not the easiest of task to look through the images of the past week to select a ‘best of’, but it is an enjoyable one. One where I found myself choosing black and white images. I had not intended to pick only black and white images, but these were the ones which had made the biggest impact on me through the week. I advise you to click on the links below to the photographers’ streams and see what else they have to offer. Thanks to those who shared these images this week and as always – a big thanks to all who post to the group.

Best of Superosity - January 20, '13


Click here to see more from these fabulous photographers - 

XpatScot - Hameediii - Janey Kay - bluecut - Rintaro_Wada - StephenCairns - SabrinaRomahn - adde adesokan - Kurt Mercury - Meljoe San Diego - sennzz - MdKiStLeR 

And while you are doing it, click on this to give you some background music

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