…your babies are never crying

Checking stats on Flickr each day click throughs from Tumblr appear. Before I used to get quite annoyed at people posting my photos on their Tumblr accounts, but now I just take it in my stride. It is a compliment of sorts that people will do a screen grab of my photos and then paste and post it on their Tumblr accounts.

One of the most frequently posted photos is the first one below which I took in Morocco in 2008. I guess the bright colours and the sleeping cat on the doorstep appeal. For me it reminds me of the first holiday we took as a family; a time when there were jut three of us. Thinking of that now makes feel how precious, how intimate that time was. My little girl was just starting to crawl. I remember her waking in the strange hotel room, that first morning, and seeing the shock on her little face to see her new surrounds. We stayed in Agadir for a week. Not the most attractive of resorts. I had some of the worst food I have ever had in that town. But I remember a wonderful restaurant on the seafront with a larger-than-life owner who, on our first visit, invited the whole restaurant to join him in singing happy birthday to a patron and to raise our complimentary glasses to his health. He then came and introduced himself and elicited little gurgly giggles from our little baby. We were enchanted and returned the following evening and had  wonderful seafood and once again the owner came and sat with us, making us feel welcome and wanted in his restaurant. A feeling I am sure all his patrons felt.

With a 9-month old baby we went on an overnight trip to Marakech in a rusty old mini-bus with  five other Irish holiday-makers. The tour guide told us the journey would take three hours. We left at 7 in the morning and returned at 6 in the evening of the following day having spent the best part of 18 hours sitting on the back seat of the mini-bus with our little baby between us; she either asleep or crawling along the ripped leather of the seats as the mini-bus bumped and bopped along the rocky Moroccan roads. Funny, I don’t recall her crying, but I am sure she must have. What do they say about memories? Ya, that the sun always shines in happy memories. That and your babies are never crying.


Moroccan Door

Moroccan Door

Morocco 2008

Morocco 2008





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