9 Photographic exclamation marks!

Sunday comes and with it a chance to look through the hundreds of images which were posted to Superosity during the week and to select my favourite 9 of these. It is a time consuming effort. I use bighugelabs mosaic maker to get the images together. Unfortunately, try as I might I cannot get  one of my favourite photographer’s – Mim0 – images into this mosaic and it such a shame as each week her images scream at me from the thumbnail. She shoots the most wonderful images from Shanghai, bringing together colour and movement and life and emotion. If you are on Instagram, then you need to search for @mimokhair and each day your phone screen will fill with the most wonderful images from the world’s biggest city. And while you are at, check out the work of those who you see commenting on her work – these are others who are sure not to disappoint. I just wish I could get your photos on to the mosaic, Mimo.

Back to these week’s images, each has a certain quality that made me stop and stare and lose myself a little. I would like to invite the photographers to comment a little on their photographs, perhaps give a little background information about them. That is if they want.

9 of my favourite Superosity images on Feb. 3 2013

9 of my favourite Superosity images on Feb. 3 2013

The photographers chosen this week are from left to right – whats_ur_flava2000 –  Eleven ~ NYC~ – Photoblog.ie (Patrick Dinneen) – Justin Amoafo Photography – Jenny McCullough – Le Xuan-Cung – FlipMode79 –  green.pit – 


And it would not be the same without some music to go with these great images



4 responses to “9 Photographic exclamation marks!

  1. Thanks for picking my photo; it’s the far right one on the top row (blue abstract). I find that most subjects are photographed in the same way so they all look same-same (even if great photos). So I often try to make my photos stand out a bit; for viewer it makes them more memorable and for me it’s fun and a challenge.

    This is actually an inland landscape photo (fields) and I panned left and right ( 0.7 second exposure) then post processed in Picasa 3 to give the blue effect.

    I’ve recently tried similar in a forest (http://www.flickr.com/photos/pacork/8438694589/in/photostream/)

    Herre’s some more of my abstract photos http://www.photoblog.ie/category/abstract-arty-farty/


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