Flowers die: Electronic images live forever

Last Saturday, we went to Cobh, a small island to the east of Cork city. We lived there before for a short period before moving back to the city. It is a picturesque harbour town. Its main claim to fame is that it was the last port of call for the doomed Titanic. The town has a wonderful seafront promenade and the dramatic Saint Colman’s cathedral perches high on a hill looking over the town.

I went there with the objective of getting photographs, of getting out and using the DSLR, not just the iPhone. It is a hard task to get two new photos every day for both my Flickr accounts. Down there I found a little daisy (the day’s eyes as they called – they open when the sun comes up and close when it sets). I had my prop. In the photos below you can see how I plucked the daisy from its roots, thus killing it and exploited it to my own end, positioning it in poses to suit my photographic needs. Ya, I killed that little flower. But flowers dies: Electronic images live forever.

Here are some of the images from that trip. The first one, with no flower, hit Flickr’s explore this week and wow – I was amazed to see the number of views it got. It seems that getting into Explore now returns far more views than ever before.

Cobh, County Cork, Ireland

Cobh, County Cork, Ireland

The day's eyes

The day’s eyes


The day's eyes

The day’s eyes



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