And some of my own favourite photographs of this week

Someone said to me “ya, it’s great that you post your favourite photographs from your two groups, but why don’t you post more of your own work on your blog?” Got me thinking. So here goes four of my own favourites from this week on Flickr. Two from my iPhone account and two from my real photograph account on Flickr.

The first one I chose is this one of railings on the seafront promenade down in Cobh. I like how the out-of-focus look; it  gives it an abstract feel. Converting it to black and white seemed the natural thing to do to highlight the lines and to heighten the contrast of the black on the white.

Requires willpower

Requires willpower

The next one from my real flickr account is this colourful blur shot taken in Cork city centre a few weeks back. Blur isolates and harmonises colour so beautifully at times.



Then on to the fauxtography, the iphoneography, the funography. Two images. The first is photographic luck. The large man approaching me on the street walked right into my picture frame and the look of intent and purpose on his face and the street lights flanking him; well I could not have had it composed better. Thank you, Mr. Stranger.

I have a plan

I have a plan

The next image I have chosen is another blur shot. Another type of shot that works out rarely – that blurred out bicycle passing. As I was getting out of the car, I saw the cyclist heading towards me. I stopped in my tracks, iPhone ready, waiting. Trying to look discreet, but failing. The cyclist passed and I clicked and here is the result. Oh, I was asked why I placed full stops in the middle of words. I like to disto.rt.



Thanks to all for visiting my accounts, leaving comments and most of all for inspiration. Have a ding dong Sunday.

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