Sad weather?

When I lived in Spain my Spanish friends would say to me that Irish weather must be very sad, what with all the rain we get. Sad? Never had I thought of Irish weather being sad. Miserable, yes, but sad never. Sad seemed so tragic, so utterly depressing. Yet, we often describe our weather as being miserable, but it doesn’t seem to impact on our mood. Not in the way it would if we were describing it as sad. Yes, it does rain a lot, and yes, to see the sky without heavy grey clouds is unusual, but we just get on with it. It doesn’t sadden us. But in saying that once Mr. Sun gets its hat on and shines through and disperses those grey clouds our mood does take a positive upturn. But do we describe the weather as being happy? No. And come to think of it, I have never heard my Spanish friends as describing their sunny weather as being happy either.

So, in an effort to cheer you up as we head in to a new week, a week where a lot of rain is promised (or should that be threatened?), here are some images of rain.

Have a nice week. These three images were taken in Fountainstown beach last Saturday with the iPhone. The first and last are the same image processed differently. I was there with a good friend of mine, drinking coffee, eating chocolate, reminiscing as we looked out at the sea through the raindrop covered windscreens. I loved it.

Sad weather in Cork

Sad weather in Cork

Miserable weather in Cork

Miserable weather in Cork


Miserable weather in Cork

Miserable weather in Cork


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