9 (suf)fixes from Super(osity)

The images just come flowing in to Superosity. Each day, the group sees around 70 – 80 new photos submitted and another 20 – 30 invited. Soon, there will be 70,000 images in the group and I intend to ban each member who does not paste a monstrous, ugly GIF on to each (YES! EACH)  photograph.

Well, maybe not.

So, here we go another 9 of my favourite images posted and invited to the group this week. Some beauties here, I am sure you will agree. Which one is your own favourite? Maybe, I missed one in the group, let me know. If your image is one chosen here, how about giving us some background information in the comments below.

Again, thanks to all. Have a super-duper week. The mosaic is in square format and has cropped some images poorly. I advise you to click through below to see the images in all their glory.

9 Suffixing Super images

9 Suffixing Super images

These photographers, from left to right – Rintaro_Wada – Paul..Andrews – randall der – petyrc – FlipMode79 – nomilknocry – Pat Kelleher – RiaPereira – here and there  – Ian De Búrca


And some music to make your Sunday that little bit better.


7 responses to “9 (suf)fixes from Super(osity)

  1. likewise – a great surprise and an honour. I took the ripples in the sand image at Inchydoney beach, West Cork, Ireland. I went with the intent of some wide angle seascapes. During the afternoon I took literally 5 minutes to turn the other direction and look for the smaller details as the late evening sun, at low angle, accentuated the textures in the sand. There was a lesson there for me as on the day the better images were these small detail ones!

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  3. Hi Brendan – thank you so much for including my image in this great collection. I have been fascinated with collages for a long time. I remember buying some 60s Paris Match magazine years and years ago and making “art” with cut outs (I wonder what happened to them..hmm). So now I can try to do it digitally on the iPhone. I’m glad a few people like the result. The inspiration for this image was a news article about a young german physicist involved in the development of the H-bomb. Cheery huh. 🙂

    • I used to do collage work with cutouts before – when I lived in Spain – my room was covered in collages – one night I just ripped them off the wall. It was something I like doing a lot – the time it took to slowly cut the items out of newspapers and magazines – I really enjoyed.
      … young german physicist involved in the development of the H-bomb” Cheery stuff indeed 😉

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