Blur 9

I could have chosen 27 photographs from Blur will save the world this week, such was the quality of the images in the group pool. In the end, I have selected 9. 9 blurred images, all with an absence of colour. These images speak loudly to me. Each has their own charm. I would love to hear from those photographers whose images are selected. I invite you to write a little about your images. Unblur them for us if you can.

9 Blur

9 Blur

There are many more examples of great art in these photographer’s streams. Click on their names to view their streams. From left to right – Marcelo Montecino – RiaPereira – here and there – serap günay – Mister Blur – MdKiStLeR – wjosna – Marianna Di Ferdinando – brianephotos – Paul..Andrews 

And some music


5 responses to “Blur 9

  1. Thanks again! The inspiration for this digital collage was really from a rekindled interest in collages, surrealism and dada. I happened to be sitting in my living room playing with the face image and thought an apple might be good as the eye so literally took an image of the wall opposite. I quite liked it so it ended up on flickr. On afterwards did a friend point out the link to Magritte’s apple painting.

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