Just 4

Browsing the images posted to Superosity this week, I kept coming back to these four images. I had selected another five (as I have always chosen nine images) for the mosaic, but it just did not look good. And not being one to adhere to rules, I decided to limit it to these four images. Hope you like them. Maybe the photographers can give some background information about them. Thanks to all.


These people


The artists from left to right: the mr gnu | petyrc | monikamm | asleepundercolumnsovlight



One response to “Just 4

  1. Hi, this is petyrc. Here’s the background on my image “The Darker Side of Me”. I was prompted to create the image based on an invite by Geri Centonze (@gericentonze) to an Eyeem folder “Show me your dark side”. My goal was to create and image that was dark and moody. I created the image by lighting a lighter to the left of my face and taking a self portrait via a mirror. I shot the iimage with hipstamatic (tinto 1884 lens / AO BW film). I then took the image into Dramatic B&W and use the #2 dramamtic filter. Took that image into Bleach Bypass and used the monohint filter. Finally took the image into Pixlromatic and used the effect “antonio”.

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