People in motion

Inspired by one of my favourite photographers, Mimo (go check out her Flickr stream – it is so cool), I did a little series of shots, which you can see below, when travelling last month. I wanted to get a low-down perspective of people in motion. Standing on the travelator in Amsterdam’s Schipol airport, I was caught by the figure in front of me and how cool he looked travelling along this same travelator as I was on. I repositioned the bag I was carrying, so that it would not create an obstacle  and got down on my knees, turned the iPhone upside, placed my finger on the button and snapped. Later, I ran them through Instagram and rotated. The result is a very low-down perspective. HAve posted some of them on my iPhone Flickr account, but you can see them all together here. Hope you like them. Would love to hear your feedback.




Beyond the point of no return


Follow the leaders


iPhunography in airports


Perpetual motion


Schipol Amsterdam



22 responses to “People in motion

  1. I love them all Brendan and I am so honored that you mention me. It is such a pleasure seeing your work everyday on flickr and on instagram and you have a way that is so unique and ever so inspiring!

  2. Hi Brendan. Dog level perspectives are always rewarding as they bring you into a different dimension. Love them.
    I think that presenting B&W and color together always detracts from one of the two, in this case catchy colors make the B&W versions dull. Pick one and stick with it at least as part of a project. Rare, if you think about it, is the photobook that does not take sides.
    I know snapseed and similar tools are a lot of fun, I use them too from time to time, but they will quickly get long in the tooth. I stopped posting them on flickr and am deciding that unity of style across several years at the end of the day pays. So, since I shot for a long time B&W film, I’m picking B&W as my signature approach. Rare are the major photographers that have mastered both and are remembered for both. In our smaller sandbox, I think consistency pays too…
    Keep shooting! I enjoy your streams and this site.

    • Good point about consistency. I see what you mean by putting the two together. I am cool about it. Still on the path of discovery as to what style I will settle with. You have got me thinking though. Thanks for that.

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