iPhone favourites

After doing a few blog posts on my personal DSLR favourites a couple of weeks back, a contact suggested I do one for my iPhone photography also. And I thought why not. I have been using the iPhone as a camera for a few years now, but really only got into it heavily in the past year or so. The trip to Asia last year was when I made the most of it.

Looking through my iPhone Flickr account brings back a lot of memories. It really is a great way to document things. I try to post a new photograph each day. The first photograph I chose is a street shot I took in Cork last year. Street photography is what I enjoy most about photography, but unfortunately there just aren’t enough streets in my hometown. It is a smallish-sized city. This photograph was taken on Singer’s Corner in the city centre. I was with my wife and kids at the time and would have had the iPhone in hand, with Instagram open and my finger on the button.  Imagine the scene:

I was standing behind him. Tried to get full length shot – did not work. People gathered, waiting for the green man to pop up, waiting to cross the street. There I am – one finger over the lens, thumb of other hand on the camera button – snap – ” SHIT!”  Delete. Try again. Lights, please don’t change! Finger over lens – finger off – snap. Yes! That’s ok.  Sensing people watching me, I put iPhone back in pocket. Green man appears and off we go across street. iPhone out – try again for another one. 

It was a pain to get, but I do like the results. Hope you like it too.



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