February saw the first appearance of the bokeh heads. Writing this now, I remember that it all came about as an accident. The best things in life often do. But the bokeh heads will feature in the end-of-year review, but not in February. For this month’s image I have chosen a shot I took in Tokyo the previous year, but processed using Snapseed in February of this year. I had been using Snapseed on the iPhone and really enjoying it before curiosity got the better of me and made me search for a desktop version. Throughout the year I would run quite a few images through it, particularly using the grunge  feature. This is evident in today’s image, one taken in the subway in Tokyo. The severed upper bodies of salarymen are visible as they make their way to work. I gave it the title Drudgery.



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2 Responses to February

  1. Hi, Brendan! I have only very recently started following you, and I really like your work. Looking forward to all your coming images. About Snapseed – I PP a l l my images in Snapseed, even though I´ve never used it´s Grunge feature. Thanks to you, I have become much more interested in making images out of focus. I will start exploring this type og imagery.
    Many thanks, mate, and a happy new year!

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