IT is great to look back and see how things evolved over the year. Photography is a great hobby. In March, I got out and about in Cork city centre to stock up on photos. Looking back over my stream for 2104, I see a lot of images I took in Cork. Cork is a smallish city and by now I think I have found all the good locations to shoot, but you know, the city keeps surprising me.

One of the locations I kept returning to is this red wall of an outdoors activities store. The red is a wonderful colour to frame shots in. To get this shot, I sat across the road, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible, and just waited. It was a quiet morning when I got the shot below. The woman, a leggy blonde, was striking in her high heels and long strides. As she approached, I readied, defocused and shot. A few seconds later her little girl walked into the frame, giving me another shot. I was very pleased when this and a few other shots were chosen to be featured in the online art magazine Opticks.



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