I do not post photographs of my family that much, and when I do they tend to be from behind, or cropped to respect their privacy. I have over 2300 photos (wow! I just realised that. That is a lot!) on Flickr and only 2 or 3 of myself. Bit by bit I am beginning to reveal more. A 365 of selfies, maybe? Now, for some reason I cannot see that coming, can you?

June was a great month. Looking through the archive, I see photographs from Gouganne Barra, Fota Island, and Kilbrittain beach. Cork is a great place to live, in that there are so many fine places to visit, all only a short trip away. One of the truly spectacular is Gouganne. About 50 km from Cork, it has a beautiful, tranquil lake that reflects the surrounding fields and trees and the little, ancient church in its still waters. Further on, it has a national park and picnic areas. We spent a wonderful day there in glorious, early summer sunshine with my parents. I know as time passes this will become a golden memory.

My wife is a patient woman. Talking on Flickr with friends who share this passion for photography will all attest the same. If you have a partner and you are into photography, then that partner will have to be patient when asked to wait, have to oblige when asked to pose and have to answer the most important question of all when asked – “is this photo any good?”.  My good wife does all of these and rarely, if ever, complains. She has a fine eye for my photo and I have learned to trust her. The shot I am choosing as my favourite is of her in Gougane Barra on that summer’s day in June. She obliged by standing and facing forward into the forest, for quite a while. Thanks!



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2 Responses to June

  1. This is such a beautiful image! I had to giggle a little bit over the patience bit; my poor family and some friends have nearly reached saint status in the patience department when it comes to me and photography. Btw, I love the idea of you doing a 365 selfie project!

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