August 19 2014

A new week and new photographs to show. Continuing with photographs from Daegu, Korea. The DSLR shot was taken in the downtown area. The long strides of this young lady in high heels grabbed my attention and I did not have much time to get her in the frame. Ideally, I would have liked to have had her a little to the left to give the image more of a balance, but I still like how she appears to glide past.


Daegu, Korea

The iPhone shot was also taken in Daegu. As I was heading down the escalator this couple were on the opposite side. I waited a little to get the guy into the light and then snapped. I like the girl’s hand on the guy’s stomach.

photo (6)

Daegu, Korea


4 responses to “August 19 2014

  1. Hi Brendan, As always I really enjoy your images. In the first one you said that you would like to see the subject more to the left. I always seem to have a problem when a subject is walking out of the frame. I have rejected a lot of nice images because the subject is walking out, or even looking out of the frame. I don’t know if this is just me or if other people feel the same way. Do you have any preference regarding this?

    • Hi Bob,
      Thanks for reading this. I think in the image above had she been a little to the left it would have allowed the road to become more fully in view and provided more balance to the image, I feel.
      I like having subjects walking out of the frame, it can add a sense of motion and continuance to images. As for people looking out of frame – it can make it dreamy, contemplative, no?
      I would say go with your guy feeling on how the images appear to you.
      Thanks for reading, Bob.

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