September 17 2014

More than usual, I know, but I am posting one more in the series of photographs I took late at night in Shibuya. I have one more to post tomorrow and then I will wrap up the series. I am very pleased with the fabulous feedback from those who have come to view the images on Flickr and here. I really appreciate it. Thanks.

It really is a sight to see the dark-suited salarymen on the march in Tokyo. All dressed similarly and all similarly solemn. In Japanese culture, apparently, it is acceptable, even commendable to fall asleep at work. It is perceived as a sign of how hard you are working and how committed you are to your job. When you see these salarymen and salarywomen, they all look so tired, so in need of rest. On the subway trains, you can find them eyes closed and head nodding as the trains carry them to their destination. Seeing them jolt themselves awake when they train shudders to a halt to check if they have arrived at their station is startling. Seeing them allow themselves to drift off back to sleep if it is not their station, is a thing of beauty. Those few extra minutes of rest and escape from the day’s demands soothes like the warmth of a mother’s bosom.

I love Tokyo.


Is it the Red Man or Green Man Who Robbed Us of the Rebellion?

I am excited about the new iPhone. Do I need it? Probably not. Actually, definitely not, but Apple make me want it so bad. I do not get all the Apple hate. I do not get all the U2 hate (especially in here in Ireland). People, for some reason, believe that U2 should not be business-like. In Ireland, people freak out about them moving part of their business operations to Holland to reduce their tax burden. I wish I could do that. Everybody does. And why shouldn’t they if they can. They pay tax in Ireland. They provide lots of employment too. The thing I fear about the new iPhone is that this new image stabilisation will make it harder and harder to get good blur photographs. The one below is a simple enough shot to get with the iPhone. Keep you index finger over the lens and your thumb on the shutter. As you move your index finger off, release the shutter. The result is below.

photo (13)

Urban Protection

6 responses to “September 17 2014

  1. You’re giving away trade secrets. Judging from how unlike my iphone snaps are from yours, I imagine you have a lot more of those little secrets as well.

    Have enjoyed your salaryman series. Did you notice a difference between the suits of the young guys verses the middle aged ones? They are quite similar yet the young guys always have something about their suit to distinguish them slightly. Could be a narrower tie, slimmer cut suit – always something to set them apart from their middle aged uppers. Those differences fascinate me too. I like your description of them sleeping here. Good stuff B.

    • Trade secrets – not many more to come – on the video I did this year – i showed how to do my blur type shots – and you know – it is nice to see some in that style appear – and some make me wish I had taken them.
      The suits ya – saw little differences – younger guys’ were better cut and not as aged – must look for the ties thing.
      I have never seen your iPhone work – would love to!
      Thanks for popping by, Stephen!

  2. Your late night Shibuya series has been outstanding, Brendan and this really is the pick of the bunch. The exposure makes them look like they are being catapulted through to another world. Personally, I think you stop too short with your series of images. You think the viewer gets bored but I don’t think so. That’s my personal opinion but being here in Tokyo, I realise two things; That Tokyo is a night time city and that you get it better than most. I have not captured images anyway close to what you have from this city. Top work, mate.

    As for the new iPhone and U2. I don’t want either. You work the iPhone better than me and make it sing. I will stick with my trusty 5 until it dies and see what to do after that. I have no problem with U2 but I don’t want their new album and think making everyone have to take it is not too far from infecting iTunes users with U2 Malware. As a band they used to be about breaking new ground (Achtung Baby) but now they are about selling phones. Just a bit sad, in my opinion.

    • I get what you mean about U2. I think their extraordinary achievement is their longevity. They peaked about 25 years ago and are living on that legacy ever since.
      How they squeezed the reported $100M out of Apple – I do not know. The publicity and hype they piggbacked on with the worldwide launch of the new iPhone beggars belief. You should have to pay $100M to buy that publicity.
      Mark, thanks for your kind words as always. It really does mean so much. I have one or two more to this series and then I move back to colour.
      Hope you are enjoying Japan! Look forward to seeing your take on it.
      Talk soon.

  3. I have to comment because I adore U2…😉 I have been listening to the album and I love it. I love that they went back to their teen years. I’ve been a fan since early 80’s and one thing I love is that they seem to care less what people think about them. I respect that. Have you listened to the album? Would love to hear what you think?

    • I grew up hating U2 and all they represented. They played a free gig in my hometown – a surprise gig – and when they came on stage I walked out.
      Then years later – after Zooropa I got into them and I love them. I am a big Bono fan – I think he does himself no favours and I can fully understand why people think he is an annoying prick. He is! But how would any of us be if we were rock star royalty? We can only imagine. And I think he does more good than harm.
      U2’s new album – some good, catchy inoffensive songs. Will I go to see them live? No! I will wait until they age and then what will tempt me will be the chance to see Bono die on stage and for me to be able to say – “I was there!”
      Been to many Bob Dylan gig in that hope – but he keeps rocking on.

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