September 24 2014

Bringing to a close this little colourful series of images taken in Shibuya Station underground as commuters were leaving the station. I have tried here to keep the images with similar processing as much as I could, but sometimes it was possible. In fact, on the past two images there was very little post-processing work done. The light and colours there was really great. The thing is that in this digital age with the multitude of options and combinations available to process images there are just too many possibilities. I converted these images to black and white and they looked good like that too. The chequered floor lends itself to a two-colour combination, but the colours are needed to give the images their fluidity. Thanks to all for their kind words on this series.

We can walk, we can run, we should dance

We can walk, we can run, we should dance

I could spend all my time in trains and train stations in Tokyo and still get all the shots I want; there is just so much activity; so many people. This iPhone shot was taken with the camera at my feet as I sat opposite this cool looking elderly gentleman. Of course I had to get his full frame into the shot and a straight on composition would not allow that, so I had to get the camera on the ground to give it a low-down POV. The result is a little noisy, but I still like it.



2 responses to “September 24 2014

  1. Okay now I can comment. I am laughing so much at you and me. I too fave to show me that I have seen the image. It is rare that I don’t fave. If I comment it means that I want to say something about the image. If not I just move on. But I mostly try to say something about my contacts’ photographs. Yes I hear you and you are so right. That darn faving button or letter. I am always interested to read how you did things and I would also love to see your black and white of these images. I understand about the colour but monochrome would be interesting to view. NOw I am going back to flickr to look at these images in depth. I love that sitting man and his ‘sole/soul’ in your face

    • Thanks Ilse. I love the conversation we have – slowly developing through photographs. For me, the best thing about Flickr is the community and the opportunities to learn.
      I might post the series in black and white on the blog. I have a few others too that I did not post on Flickr – might put them up here.

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