November 9 2014

Yesterday I wrote of pursuing an image and in the pursuit how I visualise the photograph. I had the idea of a green, fluid streak of motion. But the result is that I have converted it to black and white and stripped the colour from it. To you is left the task of reintroducing the colour. Have a nice day.


Always Leaving

Something more cheerful with this iPhone image. And what can be more cheerful than a man holding a balloon that advises us to share. Looking at this photograph now, I realise I could have been braver and intervened and got a reaction. That would have made for a better, a more interesting photograph. So, this is what I would have done. I would have burst that balloon and snapped with a flash. How do you like that!?


But I only have one

3 responses to “November 9 2014

  1. Quite possibly one of my favourite candid iPhone images of yours. The posture, the light from the window and the words on the balloon all work perfect together. It is a great companion piece to this image

  2. I like your direct post, Brendan. I am tiring of being a Flickr slave, viewing religiously everyone’s daily post. I am taking a break but always enjoy your blog which arrives by email.

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