November 9 2014

Yesterday I wrote of pursuing an image and in the pursuit how I visualise the photograph. I had the idea of a green, fluid streak of motion. But the result is that I have converted it to black and white and stripped the colour from it. To you is left the task of reintroducing the colour. Have a nice day.


Always Leaving

Something more cheerful with this iPhone image. And what can be more cheerful than a man holding a balloon that advises us to share. Looking at this photograph now, I realise I could have been braver and intervened and got a reaction. That would have made for a better, a more interesting photograph. So, this is what I would have done. I would have burst that balloon and snapped with a flash. How do you like that!?


But I only have one


3 responses to “November 9 2014

  1. I like your direct post, Brendan. I am tiring of being a Flickr slave, viewing religiously everyone’s daily post. I am taking a break but always enjoy your blog which arrives by email.

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