December 10 2014

Just discovered this is my 250th blog post. Wow! Thanks to all who come and read my musings and look at my photos.

Coming to an end with photographs from my October trip to Copenhagen. Without doubt, for me, this has produced some of my most favourite photography. I was very lucky with the sunlight and also having a bicycle allowed me to get out and about and see much more of the city than I could ever have managed if I had only been walking.

The iPhone image is one I really love. When I approached from the rear of this statue I knew exactly what it reminded me of – my bokeh heads. How cool! It is in fact a statue of Atlas with the weight of the world on his shoulders. Poor Atlas – reminds me of myself at times. This image has been brought to you by Snapseed.

We carry it with us

We carry it with us

And as we near the end of Copenhagen images how appropriate there should be one of a cyclist. What a wonderful city Copenhagen is! Being a bike enthusiast Copenhagen for me is heaven.

This image is brought to you by Lightroom.




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