December 13 2014

The year is almost at an end and it gets me thinking I need to start on my end-of-year review and choose my own favourite images of 2014. This is something I have done for the past four years and I really enjoy it. I am a nostalgic soul and looking back over images I have taken is a nice little opportunity to relive happy memories.

But we are still in December and yesterday we began on the Berlin series. I have been to Berlin three times and it has always been at the start of December. I really would like to return in summer to have the luxury of sunshine and long evenings. It is hard to go to big cities and not be attracted to getting an iconic image of the city. This image here is of the famous TV tower in Alexanderplatz. It was freezing cold when I was there. To get the shot I placed the camera on the ground and tilted it a little so as to get the tower into the frame. It must have been a funny sight to see me place the camera on the ground and struggle to stand back up again. The girl in the shot seems to think so.



Black and white creates mood so much more than colour and one of the best apps out there for black and white is 1-hour photo. I wrote about it yesterday and if you have not checked it out – get to it. This shot here just appeared in front of me. Photographic serendipity. Always good.




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