December 21 2014

This year in Taipei I did a little experimenting with panning. A photographic technique I had not tried before. Taipei with its thousands of mopeds and motorbikes was a perfect location to try this out and I managed to get one or two good results.

A few weeks back in Berlin, I tried to get a few of passing cyclists, but seeing as my intention to do this only occurred as I saw the cyclist approach, the result is not as I would have expected. However, the white glow of the wheels was an unexpected, but pleasing result. Photography is fun, and there is nothing funner than standing on the footpath swaying and swerving those hips as you try to get a cyclist in motion as they pass. It is even more fun after a drink! Try it.




This is another I got with that fun app 1-hour photo on the iPhone. I love that app so much. It gives such beautiful tones for black and white images. I love harsh sunlight too.

Have a good Sunday.

Unobstructed Commitment

Unobstructed Commitment


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