January 15 2015

Have been very busy with work the past few days and don’t have a lot of time to post photographs or to write about them. But I’ve a few spare minutes at the moment so I will give a little background to the two images I am posting to Flickr today.

This iPhone image was taken in Berlin last month. Another entry in the ongoing project of images of reflections. Taking shots of people through glass in cafes, for me, is about two things: One getting some eye contact with the person in the frame, and two, to get to some distortion to add some complexity to the scene. This one has elements of both. It must be strange for people in cafes to see some gombeen arrive and point the camera at them, snap and walk off. I like those who smile. They seem to see the absolute ridiculousness of it all.



This blur shot is from last year in Daegu, Korea. It was lashing rain and I had to take cover in a doorway. Rather than waste time, I got a few frames of people walking with colourful umbrellas.

Slow releasing melancholy

Slow releasing melancholy



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