January 19 2015

Photographic processes. At times, mine is a little scattergun like. I shoot, I save in iPhoto and the ones that jump off the screen I drag into Lightroom and process and post to Flickr. I rarely have more than 4 shots lined up that I want to post to Flickr and when I do I get itchy and want to start something new. This has served me very well over the past few years, but now I feel I need to be more systematic about what I have done. I need to group and knit together the various little projects and themes I have worked on over the past few years.

This means I am doing some housekeeping on the images I took in 2014 and posting ones that have been sitting unloved and unnoticed in iPhoto. When this clearance has been done, then I am going to start a 52-week project; posting one image a week. I am endeavouring to do this to work on the skill of editing. Life is difficult when there is choice, as I always say, and discarding images in preference to others can be a challenge. Any time I enter a competition I struggle to select – to select a winning image :-) . It is hard. Just today a friend on Flickr told me the images I chose in my end-of-year review would not have been his choices, and I think if I was doing it again, I probably would choose 12 different images.

Anyway, let’s see if I can work in this direction.

Looking back through last year’s images, I found this one taken in Daegu, South Korea. I like the fact that in this image there is a reflection on the man’s face. It is like a little sign telling us not to intrude and at the same time serves as a mask for the man.

What you will see in me will not be anything new

What you will see in me will not be anything new

And talking of series: One of the ones I have been working on which is all about phun, is Trees need to cheer the fuck up. And you know they do. Shot was taken with the 1-hour Photo app and is straight out of the camera. Check the whole Flickr set here. 

Trees need to cheer the fuck up

Trees need to cheer the fuck up




7 responses to “January 19 2015

  1. Brendan, you should probably read this given your plans for this year.

    • Thanks Stephen. Interesting article. Makes me think about the old adage about writing: Writers re-write.
      Addition is dilution is another that comes to mind.
      Thanks for dropping by and contributing to the conversation.

      • I have that post bookmarked so I can go back to it…and I often do. It’s good advice. I need to follow that bit advice about setting time goals to shoot more.

      • I need to organise things first. The projects/series I have been working on need to be sorted out.
        Hope all’s well with you, Stephen. Good to talk.

  2. Image selection is indeed a tricky one, although surely something we will get better at as time goes on. I hope! I also hear you about getting organised mate. Whilst my workflow is a little more ordered, that is one reason why I’m so far behind in sorting through my images. I think slowing down and deliberating some more would be an excellent exercise and learning experience.

    Until recently I’ve kept my phone images in iphoto and my ‘real’ camera ones in LR, but I recently transferred my iphoto library into LR and starting at the beginning am tagging all the images so that I am then able to easily look into recurring themes etc. An arduous and time consuming process for the moment but one that will hopefully allow a much greater degree of awareness of what I have taken etc with much greater ease in the future! Good luck figuring it all out mate.

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