March 1 2015

I began this post by writing February, then realized we have stumbled into March. The year is almost gone! Well, the winter is. And how I hate the winter. The dark, the cold, the wet, the short, short days and those trees. Those trees that need to cheer the fuck up!

I am still struggling to get the hang of the new Fuji X100T (read my review here). Its slow responsiveness is the main thing for me. Often on the street I will have the camera set to take multiple images. It is especially helpful as it is a split-second scene you are dealing with and getting four or five frames can be great. The Fuji, when it is set to take a few frames per second, also seems to take a few seconds to store these frames and you get this damn annoying storing message while it does so. Why? Just do it! Let me get on with shooting.

And if I want to manually focus, don’t think that I cannot be trusted with this and refocus for me. Please!

I know I just need to readjust the settings somehow and all will be resolved. I hope. Solutions in the comments box. Thanks.

Anyway, rant suspended. (It is folly to end rants, just suspend them. Leave them, marinating. You can add to them later. You know it makes sense.)

Today’s photos were taken on a photo walk in Cork last Friday evening. It was a wet, miserable evening. We get this deceptive, misty rain that seems so light and harmless, but it falls in sheets and soaks you. I started off the walk down by South Gate Bridge and while I was waiting to cross the road I saw this character appear. Not having much time to get the settings right for the shot (note to self: get this done at home before you head out), I got the Fuji out and having no zoom I tried to get as close as I could to him. The result is below.



The iPhone image is a similar shot in many ways. This was taken in Dublin the previous weekend. The iPhone really is a wonderful camera. For me, it is the best there is for street work. I weave with this camera in my hand. Weave and swerve in the crowds getting those shots. I like this character.

The slowing tick tock

The slowing tick tock



4 responses to “March 1 2015

  1. Unfortunately I have no solution to offer, I am just not sure I would have your patience, it’s a great shot though.

  2. I love both shots, Brendan….especially the older man with the umbrella! He reminds me of an old sea captain! Best of luck with the camera!

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