April 6 2015

Today a dash of Ireland. The first image is from Ladies’ View in Killarney. A view made famous by Queen Victoria, and her ladies-in-waiting, who, by all accounts, loved the view. She was a regular visitor to Ireland during her reign. I was lucky while there that a foxy-headed, young lad was bobbing around while I was there and added to create an even more Irish scene.

A boy at ladies' view

A boy at ladies’ view

The wonderful thing about Irish villages is the colour and pride people take in their houses. Passing through Irish villages on a sunny day, you get to see beautifully painted houses with lovely flowers in all the windows. We love the sun in Ireland, but the sun….

Keep Walking, Sunshine!

Keep Walking, Sunshine!


2 responses to “April 6 2015

  1. I wondered if this beautiful scene could have been Kerry. One of my families emigrated from Killarney. I would love to see this. How could they have left? Hunger. Thank you, Brendan!

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