May 13 2015

I wrote a while back about my experience at the Apple ‘Meet the iPhone Photographer‘ event in London. You can read about it here.

I got notification on Monday that the podcast went live. You can watch the full interview here or if you prefer you can listen to it. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Choosing one image from Korea here today, but it is an image from last year. I cannot go too long with posting ordinary photographs. Every now and then I need to shake things up and put some punk rock in my photography. So here is a creation.

The pip-pop life span of worries

The pip-pop life span of worries



The iPhone image is from London. I enjoyed London so, so much. This was shot on the bridge to the right of Millennium bridge. Its name escapes me. The passerby didn’t.

Committed to the future

Committed to the future


5 responses to “May 13 2015

  1. I started to watch it and then there was a bug with the podcast at 39 minutes. My internet was fine and working but I could not get iTunes to continue, it just stopped. I will give it another try today.
    I just love the top photo in this post, it is pure pleasure and the next one is a killer!

    • Hi J,
      Thanks for this. You know it has been very difficult to download. I had problems too with the video. In the end, I went for the audio. Try that.
      Thanks for your kind words.

  2. Hello Brendan
    I just dicover “pip-pop” in color and I definitly prefer it vs b&w. So full of joy and arty. Complementary colors…

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