Brendan Ó Sé is an award-winning fine art photographer/iPhone photographer from Cork, Ireland. In April 2015, he won the Mira Mobile Photography Prize. He has exhibited both his DSLR and iPhone images in Dublin, Miami and Porto. Brendan is part of the current Apple World Gallery of images shot on iPhone 6. His photograph is showcased on billboards in cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Tokyo, Bogota, Kuala Lumpur, Berlin, Boston, Milan, Singapore and Sydney.

In April 2015, Brendan was invited to London to talk about his iPhone photography as part of Apple’s Meet the iPhone Photographer series hosted by the popular designer/photographer, Dan Rubin. Brendan’s work has been featured in numerous online publications and magazines.

Using either the iPhone or a DSLR, he tries to see and create in unusual ways and this results in some unique imagery and striking street photography.


To learn more about my iPhone photography you can watch this short film Glen Mulcahy (Innovation Lead, Technology with RTÉ-Ireland’s National Public Service Broadcaster) made about me here.

In April 2015, I was invited to be interviewed by the well-known photographer, Dan Rubin as part of the Apple Meet the iPhone Photographer series. You can watch the interview here.

It was a great honour to be asked to help convene the panel of speakers for the mobile photography for the world’s first mobile journalism conference in Dublin, March 2015, organised by Glen Mulcahy and RTE. You can read about my experience of speaking at this here.

The popular camera bag and accessories company, Pompidoo did a short feature on my photography here.

German magazine On! featured 5 of my images and background description. Check it out here.

A short interview with Knomo London about my iPhone Photography.

Here is an interview with iPhone Photography School I did in March 2015.

In November 2014, the Cork Camera Club invited me as guest speaker. I also judged their Street Photography competition in January 2015.

Read about the image I am most proud of in 2014 on the mobiography website.

The online magazine Mobiography did a feature on my iPhone work with a video also.

French art magazine Plateform did a feature on my iPhone series of photographs taken in the corridors of my workplace. You can see it on p. 112 of this publication.

Travels with my Camera in Asia on the wearejuxt website.

iPhoneography Central featured my iPhone photography with this video on their site.

Feature of a series of photographs and writing on London in Chicago Center for Literature and Photography. 

‘The (iPhone) photo I am most proud of‘ on the excellent mobiography website.

Feature on my photography in Chicago Center for Literature and Photography.

‘More than a snapshot‘ – a feature of a series of iPhone images taken in Asia in spring 2012. (mobiography)

‘A day in the life‘ – interview on the appwhisperer site.

An interview and feature on one of my favourite street photographer’s website – Stephen Cosh.

Some travel and people photographs on site.


Winner of The Mira Mobile Photography Prize 2015

6 Honourable Mentions in The Mobile Photography Awards 2014.

2 Honourable Mentions in The Mobile Photography Awards 2013.

3 images shortlisted in the Irish Times Amateur Photographer 2013.

Cork Salon of Photography 2014 – 3 accepted images

Cork Salon of Photography 2013 – 4 accepted images and Honourable Mention.

Salon of Photography Čakovec 2014 – 4 accepted images

For commission work or enquiries about sales, please contact me on for all enquiries. Thanks!

Thanks for reading. Any questions, just ask!


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  1. I also love my photography and having just read your`sad rain` post I think I will enjoy your posts so I will click follow.

    • Hi Steven,
      I think I will stick it out. THe contacts I have made, the opportunity to share and learn are all to much to abandon. I cannot see ipernity being the correct alternative. It is like giving up meat and eating a meat substitute. It looks liek meat, but…

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