6 blur vaccines

Blur will save the world and there is no doubt. Here are 6 blur vaccines. 6 of my favourite blur photographs of this week. Thanks to all who post to the group.


6 blur vaccines

Here are the photographers, from left to right – VinTije – dina bennett – lee.thatcher – ~ miss i ~going on an adventure….see you soon – jimmay bones – TheDevilYouKnow…

And blur music –

Just 4

Browsing the images posted to Superosity this week, I kept coming back to these four images. I had selected another five (as I have always chosen nine images) for the mosaic, but it just did not look good. And not being one to adhere to rules, I decided to limit it to these four images. Hope you like them. Maybe the photographers can give some background information about them. Thanks to all.


These people


The artists from left to right: the mr gnu | petyrc | monikamm | asleepundercolumnsovlight


Blur bust of colour

This week looking through the submitted photographs in Blur will save the world, I see a lot of colour. Some beautiful colour explosions, and these are the ones that caught my attention. Weeks gone by the selected images were darker, moodier; so it is time for some colour to interrupt it. Especially on this dark and grey Irish morning. Thanks to all for submitting; thanks to all for saving the world.


Colours & Blur

This week’s blur photographers:

Marianne Ellis | arte.olivier | Marianne Ellis |  notomato | rainbow slices | Ba®ky | Lu Guada | i eaт sтars | Robert Carande | joeh*

Music – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUuusqy50yk

Nine super superosity images

Selecting these images was hard this week. The group pool just gets better and better. I could have chosen nine nine of the best. Here are my favourites for this week. Thanks for posting and sharing. Click through to see the full image on the photographers’ streams. The crop here in the mosaic does not do some the justice they deserve.



The photographers are from left to right – ShelSerkin – falsalama – Greg Schmigel – VeronicainMo(By The Twilight) – paolobarzman – falsalama – Gyrd Skraaning jr. – from a 2 b – the mr gnu

And to listen to:

A week in blur

Sunday comes. Eyes open to see some blur. The best of Blur Will Save the World. Blur it up.





serap günay – Aloma Sand –  arte.olivier – ShelSerkin – Cereal-Killer 72 – seasalt42 – derren1 – Lumilyon – mugijo 

Music for a Sunday morning in March:

Supering up the week for superosity

Another week through and so many new images posted to the group. Hope you like them as much as I do. For the photographers – thanks! How about leaving some information about your photograph in the comments below?

9 super superosity images

9 super superosity images

The photographers from left to right: andrew.s87 – adde adesokan – IcarusBlue – MdKiStLeR – Yeow8 – Click… – o.diaries – darianmiles4 – anjeee

9 blur images

The sun is shining through my window. I have Lenotyne Price playing on Youtube and I am selecting my favourite 9 images from Blur will save the world for this week. Some beautiful blur images this week. Thanks for sharing these in the group.

My favourite images this week

My favourite images this week

From left to right – paolobarzman – Hans Maso – sonia……. – mugijo – Arte Borroso – ηeliʘ – Ade Santora – fotobananas – *Be@te* on/off

This is what I was listening to as I selected these images: