2014: My favourite images – November

November saw more photographs from Copenhagen. Choosing my favourite DSLR for November is very easy for me.



I struggled with processing this image and wrote about it here in November. I posted other similar images in the month which I also like:

15111580013_616976ae63_m 15765336402_961c66d4a2_m

November has been the easiest month for me to choose my favourites. This iPhone image stands out for me. It is a simple, straight-up street shot.



Only one month left and then to choose my favourite image of 2014. Thanks for all the visits.




2014: My favourite images – August

Writing about August on January 1st, 2015. Happy New Year! It is going to be a great year. Believe and achieve. That is my maxim for 2015. Everything will happen.

The first thing to happen is this continued review of last year’s photographs. In August, 54 photographs of mine went up on the two accounts. There was a mix of images from Cork, Dublin and Korea posted to the DSLR account. Photographs created on the iPhone followed the same pattern.

Looking back now, I see the short series of images I tend to present. There were these images taken in Korea of people with umbrellas.



But the ones that I love from August are those in this series taken in Daegu. These images are me getting close to my vision of how beautiful photography can be. 

14718611557_4f08ea4e30_q 14707782310_7c149481af_q 14687907837_5ee2f45732_q (1)

And my favourite image of the month: A Daegu delight.



With the iPhone, the one I love most is this taken of my brother in-law’s wife.

photo (8)



Thanks again to all. Happy New Year!

December 21 2014

This year in Taipei I did a little experimenting with panning. A photographic technique I had not tried before. Taipei with its thousands of mopeds and motorbikes was a perfect location to try this out and I managed to get one or two good results.

A few weeks back in Berlin, I tried to get a few of passing cyclists, but seeing as my intention to do this only occurred as I saw the cyclist approach, the result is not as I would have expected. However, the white glow of the wheels was an unexpected, but pleasing result. Photography is fun, and there is nothing funner than standing on the footpath swaying and swerving those hips as you try to get a cyclist in motion as they pass. It is even more fun after a drink! Try it.




This is another I got with that fun app 1-hour photo on the iPhone. I love that app so much. It gives such beautiful tones for black and white images. I love harsh sunlight too.

Have a good Sunday.

Unobstructed Commitment

Unobstructed Commitment

November 22 2014

The best camera you have is the one with you and these days it is always the iPhone. If it is lashing rain and you have to pop out to get milk, you would never think of taking a big DSLR with you, but you would not leave the house without your iPhone. And when you are sheltering under an umbrella battling with the wind and before you an image emerges, then you are in luck that you brought your camera with you.

This iPhone image is an example of this. Late one evening in Copenhagen, with the rain bucketing down, I had to get out to get some food to make dinner. As I was returning from the shop I saw this father struggling with his little boy in the rain. Having a little boy myself, a little boy who on occasion has stopped dead in his tracks in torrential rain and point blank refused to move even a step further, I empathised with this man and his little boy. But empathy passes and instinct kicks in and shutters click to capture the moment.




Here is another from the little series of images of people looking at art. The response to yesterday’s post was great. Thanks to all. It is a little disjointed, having a blog where I write about my posts to Flickr. It results in most of the feedback taking place on Flickr. But that’s fine. Thanks again.


People looking at art [2]

November 15 2014

This photographic journey is fun. Images that I know I deleted before are images that I am excited about now. Before, when framing a shot, if someone entered the frame, I would automatically delete it. Now I like the depth and intrigue an unintended intrusion into frame can create. I like it so much that next time I am out I intend to allow these intrusions. This is a photograph I took in Copenhagen. A lot of the shots were taken between 5 – 7 in the evening. The fading light of the day is so nice at this time.


Self-correcting coincidences

And here is an example of this light that lingers late in autumn evenings.