A week of Superosity

This is one of my favourite things to do. Browse the images posted to Superosity over the week and select a few of my favourites. Here are the 9 I have chosen this week. Below you can click through and see more of the work from each of the photographers. Also, click on the music and listen to what I was listening to as I chose these images. Thanks to all for posting, sharing and supporting. Have a ding-dong Sunday.

A superosity week

A superosity week

From left to right, work from - Cosoo Reds - Wil Wardle - OlyaOleum - green.pit - Soham Sarkar (www.streetscape.in) - Rupert Vandervell - www.obstinato.com.ar - Frank Fullard - jtr27

Click on the music and head off to Superosity






Blur to save your life

Has been quiet here on the blog this week. Work has been getting in the way.

However, there has been another week of blur. Another week of blur saving the world, as it always does. Another hard task to choose my favourites from the pool, but here goes. Thanks to all for posting, for sharing, for supporting. Have a good week.

Some of the best images from Blur will save the world

Some of the best images from Blur will save the world

Thanks to the following photographers for posting these great images. Click to see more of their work. From left to right

Shane Connaughton - pix•Olga - Ade Santora - PHSIMAGE - ShelSerkin - serap günay - petyrc - Thomas Hawk - seasalt42

And before you do that, click on the music below and let it be your soundtrack

Best of Blur will save the world (Jan. 20)

As I am writing, I discover that there are now exactly 7,500 images in the group pool of Blur will save the world. 7,500! That means I have either invited these images or added them to the group in the pending images queue. I have seen them all.

Seven thousand five hundred blur images. Yoo hoo!

Of the three groups I have on Flickr, this one is, without doubt, my favourite. I police submissions with vigour, selecting only images that are fully blurred, discarding accidental blur and selective focus (there are occasional exceptions to this). Blur for me is a decision that a photographer makes to distort the main focus of the image. A decision which later gives the viewer all rights to recreate, even correct, this distortion. It also leads to a high quality of accepted images.

Anyway, enough of my guff. Here are my favourites from this week. Follow the links below to see more from these photographers. Thanks to all for sharing and supporting.

Blur will save the world

Blur will save the world

Thanks to all. To see more from these photographers, click through. From left to right -

Punkrocker* - *katz - Ade Santora - RiaPereira – here and there  - Shiingo Marianne Ellis mutablend (mostly off)   - Christopher A. Dominic - michael.veltman

And it would not be Sunday without some Sunday music. Hit play and get yourself over to Blur will save the world and enjoy the blur. You know you want to!

The best of Superosity on January 20

I find it amazing to see how this group has grown to now having 2,527 members. That is the population of a big village. A village diversely populated. I would love to do a demographic breakdown of the members sometime. It’s not the easiest of task to look through the images of the past week to select a ‘best of’, but it is an enjoyable one. One where I found myself choosing black and white images. I had not intended to pick only black and white images, but these were the ones which had made the biggest impact on me through the week. I advise you to click on the links below to the photographers’ streams and see what else they have to offer. Thanks to those who shared these images this week and as always – a big thanks to all who post to the group.

Best of Superosity - January 20, '13


Click here to see more from these fabulous photographers - 

XpatScot - Hameediii - Janey Kay - bluecut - Rintaro_Wada - StephenCairns - SabrinaRomahn - adde adesokan - Kurt Mercury - Meljoe San Diego - sennzz - MdKiStLeR 

And while you are doing it, click on this to give you some background music

The best images of the week from Superosity

Hundreds of images are posted each week to Superosity. It is a hard job to choose the best; let’s just call them my favourites. There are so many other excellent images in the group pool – click on the youtube video below and get over to Superosity and treat yourself to some wonderful photography.


Thanks to the following photographers for sharing these great images. From left to right - AlpGeissler - skallx - Urban Muser - w_stairs - maktub77 – street dog - …arpi… - wjosna - peteskiphoto - CameraManCoe - Correy.Bratton - cecilyc123 - Delta9 Mikki - Rintaro_Wada

There is a marvelous video here from - Orlando Z. 

And here is some music to go with your week of Superosity -

A blur will save the world showcase

9 photographs from Blur will save the world. Thanks to all the great photographers who post there. These inspire so much.


From left to right - mugijo - MdKiStLeR - enrico vattani - serap günay - ac malloy - mugijo - imagejoe - alainpaul2012 - Nikita_70

These are other great images which would not go into the mosaic for some reason. These will delight also – click, click, click - xxfromneptune - ~mimo~ - mutablend (mostly off)

If you do not wish your photos to appear on this blog, I fully understand and will take it down immediately. Thanks to all.

Music to view the images to -


I have three groups on Flickr: Superosity, The Superness of Superosity and Blur Will Save the World. The first one, Superosity, I set up a few years back because I was fed up of those groups on Flickr that force you to award a shiny graphic to 5 other photographs for the one you have posted to the group. I understand that “we all love comments” but a shiny GIF is not a comment. All people do is click on the photo hit C on the keyboard and then alt+V and the gif/graphic is pasted in the comment box and they move and repeat the sequence until they reach the quota. Some of these groups even have sweepers that police your activity in the group and threaten to ban you from the groups if you do not adhere to their rules. I feel this goes against the  idea of sharing and supporting, which Flickr is all about.

Superosity was set up to allow people to post photographs to a group without this awful threat hanging over them. To allow people to share their images, appreciate each other’s work and learn from each other. The group has grown to a stage where we now have almost 2500 members and over 67000 photographs. My good Flickr friend Randy and I are the group admins and from time to time we have a featured artist section showcasing some of the best contributors. The most recent was a fellow Irishman Dermot whose photographs of Ireland are spectacular. The one before that was another favourite of mine – Olga – who has the most wonderful, artistic images.
I intend to continue to showcase individual photographers there and using the blog to broaden the reach of the group I am going to select my 12 favourite images from the group and post them here each week.
A lot of people have asked me “what the hell is Superosity? Where did you get the name?” “It’s not a real word, you know?” Well, words fascinate me. Super is one of my favourites. I love the sound of it and I love its connotations. But there is no noun. It just has an adjective form. So, I added the suffix osity and formed superosity. Another example would be fabulosity. We need these words. And what better title for a group of the best images from Superosity than Superness! And as for it not being a real word…. of course it is a real word!
Superosity in all you do.
Thanks for reading.