Some people on the streets in Luxembourg

The iPhone allows you to get up close and personal on the street. I find it so much better than the bulky in-your-face DSLR. Here are a selection of shots taken on the streets in Luxembourg a few weeks back. (all processed on iPhone – Instagram filters)


I see the future



I used to kiss the future



Two old friends putting the world to right



Straight ahead



Whistle as you go, fella.



Things you forget

Kiss this photographic future

Instagram - I have 2345 photographs on Instagram. I first downloaded the app in 2011. Doing a little mathematics, I see that I have taken about 3 Instagram shots every day over the past two years. How many photographs have I taken with the DSLR in the same time? I doubt I am anywhere near that figure. And why? Well, the iPhone is a multi-functional device and it goes everywhere with me. I pat myself down to check it is with me as often as I check that I am zipped up. It is precious to me; my all-time favourite gadget. As Apple has developed its technology, the camera has improved in quality and with the fun that Instagram has brought to shooting I have fallen in love with it.

Like most photographers, I am constantly seeing frames, seeing moments, seeing people that I just know would make great photographs. So many times in the past these moments passed me by, luckily consigned to memory. Now, with the iPhone with me at all times, I can get that shot. And I can get that shot without having to raise and point a weapon-like instrument that a DSLR is. The iPhone allows you to get great street shots – discreetly. The latest update from Instagram, the one which allows you to later rotate the image makes this even better. Now you can have your phone at any angle and know that later you can flip that image around. No need to have raised directly at your targets. Such fun. And fun is what it is all about with the iPhone.

I keep two Flickr accounts. I set up another in 2011 just for the Instagram shots. I had been posting Instagram shots to this Flickr account for a while, but when I was away in Asia I really got into it and on a 5-week trip I took more than 1500 iPhone shots. Again, doing a little maths you can see that more than half my Instagram shots come from that five weeks. For holidays, I venture to say it is the best camera you can have with you. When we were in Barcelona in August, I hardly used the DSLR at all.

One of the very best things about Instagram is the community aspect. Cast your mind back a few years and try to imagine a scenario where first thing in the morning you could flick through images taken that day (factor in a time difference here) in Shanghai, Tokyo, Ankara and the grand old U.S of A. Now imagine this on a daily basis and you begin to realise how wonderful this is. You get to see the world through the eyes of others. The dream of living vicariously is possible.
And what images they create and share. Each day it is a trip (pun intended) to see how Michael in Tokyo and Mimo in Shanghai find commonalities and beauty in these two Asian mega-cities. Their images elicit a million wows each day. Serap from Ankara presents Turkey with grace, elegance and artistry. Then for sheer beauty and jaw-dropping images there is Trina – Pixelmama, a whole different class of wows! Some of you may follow their streams on Flickr – but I can tell you, you are only getting half the picture. Get an iPhone, download Instagram and kiss this photographic future.
To follow these guys on Instagram: Me – @nadnerb - Michael – @mdkistler -Mimo – @mimokhair - Trina – @pixelmama
Here is a small selection of my Instagram shots that have not been posted to Flickr:
High-Speed train to Tokyo 
Barcelona Airport
Train Station, Cork
Holocaust Memorial, Berlin
A man without a nose
8388354619_985b57e05b_cCoffee shop, UCC, Cork

A blur will save the world showcase

9 photographs from Blur will save the world. Thanks to all the great photographers who post there. These inspire so much.


From left to right - mugijo - MdKiStLeR - enrico vattani - serap günay - ac malloy - mugijo - imagejoe - alainpaul2012 - Nikita_70

These are other great images which would not go into the mosaic for some reason. These will delight also – click, click, click - xxfromneptune - ~mimo~ - mutablend (mostly off)

If you do not wish your photos to appear on this blog, I fully understand and will take it down immediately. Thanks to all.

Music to view the images to -

Endeavouring to create and maintain a blog

I guess the thing about having a blog is that you need to update it, to add to it. To adhere to this, I guess I need to take more photographs, write more about them and post it up here. And I guess I need to be consistent. I am not sure how easy this will be for me to do, but I will try. It won’t be a daily thing. I will be doing very well if it is a weekly thing. Time will tell. As my wife said – “you have two flickr accounts, an instagram account and now you are adding a blog!” Perhaps, I am crazy to take this on, but….

Yesterday I ventured out with both cameras (iPhone and D7000) into Cork city centre. I had an idea of what I wanted to shoot and how I wanted to shoot it. With the D7000 I wanted to get more shots of people blurred out as they walked past a blank wall; shots I would later process into two colours. With the iPhone I wanted to blur it all up. Post as I go to Instagram and later choose the ones I like and app those snaps us with Snapseed.
The best of plans, but did not work out as I wished. The first obstacle was the drizzle. It did not appear to be raining, but a blanket of drizzle had descended. The second hindrance was my reluctance to stay for too long in the one position to get a photograph. I do not like shooting in my hometown and as a result I hurry too much. Getting back and looking at the handful of shots I managed to get I am frustrated that I did not persevere and try to compose with more care.
Impatience! The next time.  Here are a selection of the instagram shots from yesterday. The DSLR shots will go up some time in the future.
photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 Third in line