Super eye candy from Superosity

That time of week to review the posts to Superosity in the past 7 days to choose 6 of my favourites. This week the 6 to catch my eye are not in colour, although both black and white are colours.

Hope you like them. give the photographers some love and click through to their Flickr streams. Thanks for posting to the group!


Super eye candy from Superosity


The photographers from left to right - ando.b - Rajagopalan Sarangapani - ewitsoe - Tunguska RdM - shin2600z - BlemishedEye

And Sunday morning would not be Sunday morning without some music to listen to -

6 Superosity favourites

Hello to all. Not posted a selection of my favourites from my Flickr group Superosity for a while. Looking through the pool this 6 stood out for me. Thanks to all the photographers who post to the group. If you click on the links below, you can get to their streams. Thanks.


6 Superosity Favourites

Thanks to the great photographers for sharing their work. From left to right – StephenCairns - Dave Hoefler - cedric blanchon - Sarah Jarrett - Dan Cronin^ - kaniths

And some music to wash it all down with.

What Superosity did next

Have been so busy these past few weeks that I have not had time to group together a selection of my favourites from Superosity or Blur will Save the World. Time to correct that now. This week I have chosen a theme – portraits. And from this theme I have selected six – each with their own merit. The thing for me about portraits is being seen and wanting to be seen, wanting to make a connection. These six have that.


What Superosity did next

Thanks to the following photographers for sharing their work in the group - bmahesh - Justin Amoafo Photography - J a n . B i s h o p. - adzscott - RenaGinz - Jonathan Kos-Read

Music for a rainy Easter Sunday

Fun for everyone, but not for me

We thought we would take the group therapy to a new level. It was not my idea. I was never one for ideas, well not new ones. Often, just to be awkward, I would propose an opposing idea, especially if it was the leader who was proposing it. But this idea I just knew would be fun. Not fun in the fun sense of the word, but fun in the sense that I would have fun! This crazy idea to take our group on a bus tour just could not end in anything but tears.
To begin with, because of a problem with the rental booking, we got the bus at 9 in the evening instead of 9 in the morning. Apparently the online booking had a pm and am drop down menu, which our leader had not noticed. When this came to light we were offered the chance to cancel the booking and make a new one, but it would have to a be one week later. In his wisdom, the leader decided it was best to go with the original date.
So, on a late evening in early November our little group gathered at the pick-up point to set out on our bus tour. Bus tour may not be the best term to describe what we were embarking on. The idea was to take our group therapy session on the road. The thinking behind this, according to the leader, was there would be no escape (his actual words). We could not just run out the door or request to go to the bathroom when it came to our turn to share with the group. No, we would all be on the bus and we would all have to contribute.
When the bus arrived we were glad to get in out of the cold and rain. The leader sat in the front seat, his voice bellowing out through the bus microphone, welcoming us all on board.
- Let the fun begin. I said as I sat down in the seat opposite him.
Little did I know how much fun laid in store. Fun for everyone, but not for me.


Fun for everyone, but not for me

Just 4

Browsing the images posted to Superosity this week, I kept coming back to these four images. I had selected another five (as I have always chosen nine images) for the mosaic, but it just did not look good. And not being one to adhere to rules, I decided to limit it to these four images. Hope you like them. Maybe the photographers can give some background information about them. Thanks to all.


These people


The artists from left to right: the mr gnu | petyrc | monikamm | asleepundercolumnsovlight


Nine super superosity images

Selecting these images was hard this week. The group pool just gets better and better. I could have chosen nine nine of the best. Here are my favourites for this week. Thanks for posting and sharing. Click through to see the full image on the photographers’ streams. The crop here in the mosaic does not do some the justice they deserve.



The photographers are from left to right - ShelSerkin - falsalama - Greg Schmigel - VeronicainMo(By The Twilight) - paolobarzman - falsalama - Gyrd Skraaning jr. - from a 2 b - the mr gnu

And to listen to:

Supering up the week for superosity

Another week through and so many new images posted to the group. Hope you like them as much as I do. For the photographers – thanks! How about leaving some information about your photograph in the comments below?

9 super superosity images

9 super superosity images

The photographers from left to right: andrew.s87adde adesokan - IcarusBlue - MdKiStLeR - Yeow8 - Click… - o.diaries - darianmiles4 - anjeee

Blur 9

I could have chosen 27 photographs from Blur will save the world this week, such was the quality of the images in the group pool. In the end, I have selected 9. 9 blurred images, all with an absence of colour. These images speak loudly to me. Each has their own charm. I would love to hear from those photographers whose images are selected. I invite you to write a little about your images. Unblur them for us if you can.

9 Blur

9 Blur

There are many more examples of great art in these photographer’s streams. Click on their names to view their streams. From left to right – Marcelo Montecino - RiaPereira – here and there - serap günay - Mister Blur - MdKiStLeR - wjosna - Marianna Di Ferdinando - brianephotos - Paul..Andrews 

And some music

9 (suf)fixes from Super(osity)

The images just come flowing in to Superosity. Each day, the group sees around 70 – 80 new photos submitted and another 20 – 30 invited. Soon, there will be 70,000 images in the group and I intend to ban each member who does not paste a monstrous, ugly GIF on to each (YES! EACH)  photograph.

Well, maybe not.

So, here we go another 9 of my favourite images posted and invited to the group this week. Some beauties here, I am sure you will agree. Which one is your own favourite? Maybe, I missed one in the group, let me know. If your image is one chosen here, how about giving us some background information in the comments below.

Again, thanks to all. Have a super-duper week. The mosaic is in square format and has cropped some images poorly. I advise you to click through below to see the images in all their glory.

9 Suffixing Super images

9 Suffixing Super images

These photographers, from left to right - Rintaro_Wada - Paul..Andrews - randall der - petyrc - FlipMode79 - nomilknocry - Pat Kelleher - RiaPereira – here and there  - Ian De Búrca


And some music to make your Sunday that little bit better.