May 16 2015

Two photographs to post today. I have been posting fewer and fewer images to Flickr lately. Been busy getting my new website up and running and the good news is that within a short few days the site will be live. Really excited about it.

Photography is a funny business. There is so much to enjoy and so much that will frustrate the hell out of you. So much! But you know I am beginning to realise that what I like most is the creation of abstract images like this. It is just such fun. So many possibilities. I need to get back to creating more blurred images. I have been focussing too much on street photography lately. This series of images will fall into a category I am calling “The pip-pop life span of worries“.

The pip-pop life span of worries [2]

The pip-pop life span of worries [2]

Here is an iPhone image shot that falls into another of my favourite series: “Trees need to cheer the fuck up“. And you know they do!


Trees need to cheer the fuck up